Awaiting winter’s arrival

In Northeast Kansas, in this early February, the weather is not very wintry.  Yet…

Enjoy some of my images from the past few years’ Kansas winter scenes while waiting for winter to arrive in Kansas, won’t you?

Taken Winter 2006 , it is February 2012 and it should look more like this

I’m basking in the sun as often as I can. Yet…

Whether the land is snow-covered or just shades of brown, there is plenty of color!

When it is wonderful outdoors, the “winter projects” list indoors is easily snubbed and I flee the wall’s boundaries to breathe deeply the fresh air, soak up some sunbeams on the porch, and tease along a few early  spring projects without further confusing the plants, so no pruning, yet…

Snowscapes on the farm

Where ever you are, whatever your winter weather, grab a friend, the neighbor kids, your “better half”… and make some marvelous memories for them, before the season passes.  God Bless!

 You’d have enjoyed his “Whoop” as my “Ol Farmer” and I  slid down his hill! (My Ol’ Farmer 1920-2012)

Not a butcher or candlestick maker, but I am a baker and cook; a quilt piecer and embroiderer; a gardener of flora- and veggies, too; and I enjoy porch time, too. My brood of two are on to their own life-adventures with their spouses and I delight in sharing time with them when ever and where ever we can.

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One comment on “Awaiting winter’s arrival
  1. This morning, Feb 4th, I awoke to the joyful racket of thousands of geese in the cornfield, just over the hill. A bit of rain, sleet and snow fell through the night hours and fine flakes are still floating earthward.

    A great day for sewing and quilting and a bit o’ baking!!!

    My learning curve with the blog is improving. Not sure what I did to the “Ol Farmer’s” caption….it was right at one point. Ahhh to learn is wonderful!!

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