Tuesdays with Dorie, white bread

Wintry February greetings from the midwestern bread basket, the “Land of Ah’s” and Kansas-grown wheat …

The Tuesday With Dorie: “Baking with Julia” (TWD) bakers- including yours truly- are off to bake through Dorie Greenspan’s  cookbook.  Making two recipes a month, it will be a nice addition to my “adventure” theme for my year, don’t you think?  You’ll find the recipe for the white bread posted by this month’s host, here:  (http://someonekitchen.blogspot.com/ ).

The recipe developed by Craig Kominiak, worked up well. Ingredients and procedures for the recipe are straightforward and easily accomplished. A basic recipe worth noting. Haven’t baked bread before? You could turn out a nice loaf to enjoy with this one!

Having learned to make breads years ago, the techniques were  familiar to me, but the late addition of the butter was a bit of a challenge to get kneaded in.  I used my Kitchen Aid for the mixing and initial kneading- and she got a good workout.  I chose to do the final kneading by hand, which was a delight.  Love the feel of the dough under the heel of my hand!  It is important to train yourself to know what the dough should feel  and look like- your mixer cannot tell you when the dough has had enough

I made two batches, making two regular loaves of the first, and a baker’s dozen mini-loaves to share.  (One of the other loaves found a home this morning, fortunately. Fun to share the goodies from one’s kitchen, isn’t it?)  I can see this as a great recipe to use for making cinnamon swirl breads, etc.  From experience, I can tell you it makes a fine toast!

Simple pleasures!  Dare you to make it  just once….


White Bread made for Tuesdays with Dorie on-line bakers' group


Not a butcher or candlestick maker, but I am a baker and cook; a quilt piecer and embroiderer; a gardener of flora- and veggies, too; and I enjoy porch time, too. My brood of two are on to their own life-adventures with their spouses and I delight in sharing time with them when ever and where ever we can.

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3 comments on “Tuesdays with Dorie, white bread
  1. fabriscrap says:

    Yum! Good bread and great photo!

  2. Cher says:

    Lovely picture. Mini loaves sound like a great idea.

  3. bakeranne says:

    Wow! Your bread looks really good. I agree, mini-loaves is a great idea.

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